Word Party is a vocabulary building show from The Jim Henson Company that follows five adorable baby animals, Franny the cheetah, Bailey the elephant, Kip the wallaby, Lulu the panda, and Tilly the tortoise, as they sing, dance and play. The show invites young viewers to help teach the baby animals new words, practice these new words themselves, and celebrate these achievements with a "Word Party!"

Word Party Friends

Bring the fun and imaginative play home with the Word Party babies Franny, Bailey, Kip, Lulu, and Tilly.

7 inch basic plush

Ages 12+ months

Snuggle and Play Babies Plush

Super soft and the perfect plush companion to cuddle up while watching your favorite Word Party episode. Franny, Lulu, & Tilly come with bottles for snack time, Kip & Bailey come with soft security blankets for sleep time.

10 inch basic plush

Ages 12+ months

Where to Buy: Amazon
Bailey the elephant
Lulu the panda
Franny the cheeta
Kip the wallaby
Tilly the tortoise – Coming soon!

Talking Baby Lulu Plush

Talking Lulu

Press her tummy to
hear fun phrases

Baby Lulu is ready to learn new words! Bring home your little one’s favorite baby panda!

Hear Lulu say, “I Love You!” and many more fun phrases from the show when you press her tummy. Perfect for playtime or snuggle time.

12 inch feature plush

Ages 12+ months

My First Building Blocks

Build them, stack them, knock them down! Children will get hours of fun recreating playground scenes from the show or with endless open imaginative play. The wood set includes 22 pieces – Lulu, Bailey, Franny, Kip and 18 blocks of different shapes and 4 colors.

Wood Toy

Ages 18+ months

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