Snap is a one-stop shop. From concept to manufacturing, we provide clients with unique, timely, cost efficient, quality solutions.

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Concept Development

Concept Development

We’re here for you. Wherever "here" is.

We can help you at any stage of the design process, whether you have a spark of an idea, are re-imagining a product, or are building on an established character. We listen. We deliver on the message of your brand. Simply put: we’ll find a unique design solution for your unique product.

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Product Design & Development

Product Design & Development

We’re innovators at heart

Our talented designers will bring a novel approach to your product from initial concept to prototype… to shelf. We’re passionate about seeking creative solutions every step of the way. The only thing we like better than innovative design is flawless execution.

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Manufacturing & Quality Assurance

Manufacturing & Quality Assurance

We deliver the goods.

We find efficiencies to bring your products to market smoothly and quickly. We embrace the industry’s best practices and take pride in our strict safety regulations and quality of goods. That’s how we’ve built trusted, long-lasting relationships with our global partners for 16 years.

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Product Management

Project Management

We’ve got this.

Our experienced team ensures we deliver on time and on budget. We customize our project road map to plans key checkpoints to meet your specific needs. We’re here to help from start to finish.

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