Discover the world of Coloristas Artsy Girlz, a line of soft dolls that bring a colorful experience of imaginative play. Create your one of a kind masterpiece with any of the 4 different dolls that best complement your style, then wash and repeat for never-ending fun. Color inside or outside the lines, there are no rules, just let your creativity flow!

Meet the Coloristas Artsy Girlz

  • Mika’s cheerful personality is contagious. She loves painting rainbows for her friends.
  • Ari wants to transform the world, bringing color and happiness one doodle at a time.
  • Luna is the life of this color-filled party and dances to her own beat.
  • Kora’s personality is best described as two parts candy and one part spice.

Choose from four different themes and bring their trendy personalities to life with color!

Each doll comes with 3 double-tip washable markers for fine or bold strokes.

11-inch plush doll

Ages 3+