We design and bring to market fun, engaging, quality toys for kids of all ages by creating unique characters and reinventing classic play.

Who We Are

At Snap, we’re kids at heart. We’re sci-fi fanatics. We’re comic books collectors. We’re sports enthusiasts. We’re diverse in our interests, backgrounds, and perspectives, and yet, the one thing we all have in common is a passion for TOYS! We’re driven by innovation and apply it to everything we do, from the licensed products we produce for our clients, to our very own Snaptoys brands. At Snap, designing, making, and talking about toys is what we love and do best…so feel free to reach out and let us find solutions to your ideas.

What We Do

Snap Global Solutions

Since 1999, Snap has been designing, sourcing, and manufacturing for some of the largest entertainment brands in the world. From Disney to DreamWorks, and to Hasbro to Pixar, we help bring licensed products to market smoothly and quickly through our array of turn-key design and manufacturing services. Whether for mass market, specialty channel, international markets, or theme parks, we create quality products on a global scale.

We leverage our vast experience to come up with creative solutions to challenging production issues, such as cost and timelines. We take pride in strictly enforcing safety regulations and we ensure everyone involved is focused on quality. We’ve earned our clients’ trust and we value these long-term relationships we’ve built over the past 16 years. And most importantly, we hire talented, passionate people who care about meeting and exceeding your expectations.


After years of outstanding work for many amazing strategic partners around the world, we thought it was time to let our own product ideas shine as well. We put our collective wits to work on a common goal: bring to market our own range of branded Snap toys. We reorganized our business and reassigned responsibilities. We harnessed the expertise of our seasoned team and hired new talent from within the entertainment and toy industries.

In the coming year, we will be introducing our first proprietary brands. From preschool plush to teen collectibles, we’ll be cooking up a range of unique products. With our passion for innovation, talent for design, drive for quality, and expertise in manufacturing, we’ll be sure to bring our own awesome products to the market. Stay tuned!

Our Prestigious Clients

While we have served a multitude of companies around the world, here are some of our more prestigious clients, both past and present.

Our Prestigious Clients

Here are some of the properties and brands we have developed.

Client Brands We've Developed

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