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Since 1999, Snap has been designing, sourcing, and manufacturing for some of the largest entertainment brands in the world. From Disney to DreamWorks, Hasbro to Pixar, we help bring licensed products to market smoothly and quickly through our array of turn-key design and manufacturing services. Whether for mass market, specialty channel, international markets, or theme parks, we create quality products on a global scale.

We leverage our vast experience to come up with creative solutions to challenging production issues, such as cost and timelines. We take pride in strictly enforcing safety regulations and we ensure everyone involved is focused on quality. We have earned our clients’ trust and we value these long-term relationships we’ve built over the past 20 years. And most importantly, we hire talented, passionate people who care about meeting and exceeding your expectations.


Toy Story Mini-figures

Client: Hasbro

SNAP had been working with Hasbro on numerous direct-to-retail programs when a challenge was presented: develop an assortment of Toy Story figurines for the Dollar Store channel that would retail for $1.00. Well, anyone in this business knows what a tall order that was! Nevertheless, we presented options that would allow us to maximize the tool use, offer a variety of products, and ensure that all the interested parties made their target margins. And we pulled it off!

Monster University Interactive Plush

Client: Disney

SNAP really enjoys developing feature plush and this was one of the most interesting, if not the most challenging, programs we’ve developed – an interactive, multi-character program incorporating sonic chirping and motion-sensing technology as well as iOS & Android app connectivity. These products included some unique design elements for the facial features that truly enhanced the character look and perceived value. We came up with a number of “SNAP solutions” during the debugging stage that resulted in a less than 8 month total timeline from initial development through shipment!

Disneyland 60th Anniversary

Client: Disneyland Resort

Anniversaries are a big thing, but they’re even bigger when it comes to Disney. For the 60th Anniversary celebrating the opening of the original Disneyland, we were approached to develop a one-of-a-kind plush toy that coincided with their integrated Merchandise theme. And that meant glitter and sequins, which is AWESOME but does present a challenge for passing safety. Our team got on it and presented a unique solution to meet those guidelines as well as to produce an AMAZING STYLISH plush toy! This program was an immediate hit for Disney.

The Child Plush – Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Client: Disney Stores

The Disney Stores approached SNAP to develop a plush toy for a new “character” for an upcoming show called The Mandalorian.  Because we work with intellectual properties, it’s not uncommon for there to be some amount of secrecy surrounding a new launch.  Yet, we could sense that there was something special about this project and the aura surrounding this character was really unique.  Add to that a 14-week development to first ship timetable and we were going to have to hope the Force was with us.  Fortunately, through lots of back and forth effort from all the vested parties, Snap was able to get our design and prototype approved, the toys manufactured to stringent quality control requirements, and still ship out within the client’s target deadline.  It’s good to know we are on the right side of the Force!

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Porg Talking Puppet Plush

Client: Disney Theme Parks

When the Walt Disney Company selected SNAP to work on the development of all of the basic and feature plush toys for their new theme park land, Star Wars – Galaxy’s Edge, to say that we were EXCITED would have been the understatement of the year.  The Lucasfilm team asked us to create collector equivalent products that would seem as though they came directly from the movie set.  To accomplish this we conceived and built prototypes of all-new mechanisms and sourced unique materials to give them that movie-like look.  The final results spoke for themselves.

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